Univac is kitchen floor cleaning, the way it should to be!

Who are Spillz?

Spillz team together for the Inclean Innovation Awards

We are a young forward-thinking company who seek out the world’s most innovative cleaning equipment to distribute to our markets. In our short 5 years we have won multiple ISSA cleaning innovation awards from the technology sector through to most innovative new equipment. We know introducing new products to market can be challenging as such we work with strategic partners to ensure market sectors are fully supported. 

Importers of:

Manufactures of the worlds leading commercial bathroom cleaninge equipment, and designers of the world class OmniFlex systems

Image showing SpaceVac Australia logo

Spacevac lead the world with high dusting equipment, they manufacture a range of carbon fiber systems to suit a range of industries.

Hospitality Industry Challenges related to floors

Customer Retention

68% of restaurant visitors won’t return if the floors are dirty*

86% of US adults equate restroom cleanliness with kitchen cleanliness in restaurants*

Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

Workers Comp, Medical Comp, other potential lawsuits

Pest Control

Greasy soils are a significant food source and create a breeding ground for unwanted pests when not removed

Time Consuming & Ineffective War on Grease

Closing the restaurant each evening takes too long and too many workers

Failing the annual corporate inspection and audits

Univac is Kitchen floor cleaning, the way it should to be!

  • Kaivac’s Univac is a multipurpose hard floor cleaning machine that creates hygienic floors with increased traction where it matters.
  • Designed specifically for kitchens, the Univac refines already proven cleaning methods into a simple easy to use system.
  • Eliminating laborious sweeping, heavy buckets, rancid mops and time consuming drying of the floors.

See the Univac in action!

How does the Univac make a difference?

How Can we prove results?

Hygiena Ensure Touch

Surface swab testing validates hygiene

Instant surface hygiene results with Ensure Touch

Hygiena's Ensure Touch provides instant results of any swab tested surface. Ensuring cleaning methods can be proven effective or ineffective with a numerical result.

Slip resistance test validation

Pendulum skid test

The international standard for measuring slip resistance is with a Pendulum tester which provides a numerical value.

Equipment engagement can be measured without bias

Like a Fitbit for your equipment

This data logger allows for gathering of usages times, duration and movement of hand held equipment such as brooms, mops and squeegees.

Customer Feedback

Reduced cleaning times

“We’ve cut our cleaning times literally in half when trying to close the store each night and with only one worker now instead of the two it used to take.”  Wendy’s Restaurant Manager (Columbus, OH, USA)


Pest control

“The Orkin man asked me what we were doing different.  He hasn’t found infestations for months. He just preventative maintenance now.” McDonald’s Franchise owner (Dayton, OH, USA)


Reduced tile repairs

“We used to budget for 2 tile repair jobs each year.  Haven’t had to take money from that account for a couple years now.” McDonald’s Franchise owner (Hamilton, OH, USA)


Pass annual corporate audits

“We failed our audit and had to call Kaivac for help.  We just decided to buy the machine and we haven’t failed the audit again.” KFC Franchise owner (Cincinnati, OH, USA)

Exisiting users of Kaivac's Univac

How can we help you solve cleaning challenges so your clients/customers feel they are your focus?