Dogs Country Club – NoTouch 2750

When first hearing about the Kaivac Machine our team was very excited. We use the machine daily and at times, numerous times a day. It’s been really great having a go to, all in one machine to thoroughly clean our accommodation area’s at our Dog Boarding Facility. It’s great to be able to ensure all our area’s are disinfected, hosed and dry with out having multiple equipment to do so. The machine makes for easy cleaning for the smallest or biggest mess that we may experience, daily cleans, maintenance cleans, drain cleaning and even cobwebbing! The convenience of being able to use high pressure or low pressure hosing with only limited water use ensures we are also helping with our environment. The versatile vacuum head that can not only be used on the floors but also the walls ensure that our rooms for our guest’s are always cleaned and dry to the highest of standard.
It’s been an easy training process and the entire team has adapted well with the lack of physical demand and it being very simple and easy to use.
We look forward to continuing to explore this machine,

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