Kaivac Univac with stadium background

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This summer Spillz introduced Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning systems to the Grolsch Veste Stadium, the home to the Dutch football team FC Twente. While this might not be a very important event in the sporting life of the football team, it is a significant step towards the cleaner and more cost-efficient stadium. Why? Thanks to the extended vacuum and spraying hoses which reach more than 40 metres, cleaning times have been reduced by 60%. Hundreds of buckets and mops are no longer carried up and down the grandstands and toilets are no longer cleaned by hand. Kaivac’s NoTouch systems are removing all contaminants from all patron areas and disposing this waste via drains. This makes the whole cleaning process safer, faster, and easier, reducing injuries, reducing event turnaround times, and reducing staff turnover as its much more pleasant to use.

The Grolsch Veste Stadium is not the first venue to use the NoTouch system and certainly won’t be the last, as more large venues seek more hygienic ways of maintaining facilities in cost-effective way.

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