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Spacevac’s Classic system is their original Carbon fiber high cleaning and high dusting kit. The kit has been refined over the years to ensure it has almost all the tools and accessories operators need to perform high dusting and cleaning. Reaching 10m it covers majority of high cleaning needs in commercial and retail facilities in dusting atriums, high indoor glass, cleaning above and around escalators.

Spacevac High Vent cleaning1
Unique Machined Poles
Lightweight and easy to assemble pole system machined to fit and ensure zero frictional corrosion.
Versatile Tools
A Spacevac offer a range of brushes and bent heads providing operators with a system which can reach anywhere and clean any surface.
Spacevac systems are not proprietary. Connect SpaceVac Lite to the vacuum you already have, or speak to us about what vacuum you prefer.
SpaceVac know high cleaning can be risky business, thats why all parts of the systems are locked together with their unique locking mechanism, ensuring ensuring safe cleaning at height or distance or even down!
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No of Poles : 5.5

Working Height : 9.8m

Carbon Weave : Unidirectional 3K

Composite Length of Enclosed Poles : 8.5m

Pole Diameter: 38mm

Pole Length : 1.6m

No of Heads : 4

No of Brushes : 5

Hose Kit Included : Yes

Hose Diameter: 38mm

SpaceVac Classic


By far our most popular Spacevac High dusting kit, these kits are used across a huge range of sectors across both Australia and New Zealand. Used everywhere from Airports to Train Stations, Historic Buildings to the Latest Architectually designed facilities, Aquatic complexes to Sports Stadiums.

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