Spacevac has a range of carbon fiber high level cleaning systems to suit all applications. Check out the range to find one that suits your application.

Spacevac has been referred to as the  robin hood of cleaning equipment, they have provide access to areas otherwise unreachable. With SpaceVac one person can perform cleaning on surfaces up to 20m high, without putting themselves at risk, or the need for expensive EWP’s.

Since their inception when they launched a gutter cleaning system, the have continued to innovate and develop their systems. Their patented safety locking system is a revolution, allowing operators to clean from the bottom or top. 

As of late, they have 15 different systems to suit all applications, ranging from Carbon gutter cleaning systems, Specialist explosive zone high reach cleaning to delicate museums cleaning systems. e

A man using SpaceVac to reach ventilation pipes
Unique Machined Poles
Lightweight and easy to assemble pole system machined to fit and ensure zero frictional corrosion.
Versatile Tools
A Spacevac offer a range of brushes and bent heads providing operators with a system which can reach anywhere and clean any surface.
Spacevac systems are not proprietary. Connect SpaceVac Lite to the vacuum you already have, or speak to us about what vacuum you prefer.
SpaceVac know high cleaning can be risky business, thats why all parts of the systems are locked together with their unique locking mechanism, ensuring ensuring safe cleaning at height or distance or even down!

What can SpaceVac Cleaning Systems do for you?

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Internal High Dusting

Make light work of dusting the most out of reach areas with SpaceVac’s range of carbon fibre high cleaning systems and their huge range of poles heads and accessories.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters needn’t be risky anymore, utilizing the SpaceVac’s external system operators can vacuum out debris without setting foot on a ladder.

EX Zone Cleaning

Dealing with combustable material has always been challenging, SpaceVac’s EX zone’d kits have made cleaning those upper levels and out of reach spaces achieveable.

Specialist Systems

Over the years the requirement for specialty kits has grown, SpaceVac now have 3 official specialty kits comprising of a Museum kit, Food Safe kit, High Voltage kit.