Clean Hard To Reach Areas From The Safety Of The Ground

SpaceVac: The Only System to Clean Up, Down, Across, and Over – Safely and Efficiently

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Reach New Heights in Cleanliness – Without the Risks

Discover the world of SpaceVac, where our advanced carbon fiber cleaning systems are redefining the approach to high-level cleaning. Tailored for both indoor vacuuming and the specific demands of explosive environments, SpaceVac offers solutions that not only eliminate the need for EWPs, scaffolding, and ladders but also empower you to clean previously inaccessible areas with ease, such as the spaces above and around escalators.

The Evolution of Cleaning

SpaceVac transforms the cleaning landscape by enabling safe and efficient access to heights of up to 20 meters, without the need for expensive and hazardous EWPs, scaffolding, or ladders. 

Originating with gutter cleaning solutions, SpaceVac has expanded to over 15 specialized systems. Each system boasts our patented safety locking mechanism, ensuring secure operation and extending cleaning capabilities to every corner of your facility, including the challenging areas above and around escalators.

Safety and Efficiency: A Core Focus

At SpaceVac, safety, efficiency, and operator well-being are paramount. Our systems reduce occupational risks and physical strain, while managers benefit from streamlined operations that require fewer personnel and lower costs. Building owners and facility managers will see visibly cleaner environments, improving safety and extending the lifespan of the property.

Why are SpaceVac World Leaders in Reach Cleaning?

  1. Innovative Design: Our durable and lightweight carbon fiber poles simplify cleaning tasks, making previously hard-to-reach areas like above and around escalators accessible and safe to clean.
  2. Versatile Solutions: SpaceVac delivers a system for every cleaning challenge, ensuring high standards of cleanliness and safety across all areas.
  3. Safety First: Our patented locking mechanism and the elimination of hazardous climbing equipment guarantee a secure cleaning experience at any height.
  4. Independent Certification: Our ATEX-certified systems are independently verified, ensuring they meet the highest safety standards for use in explosive atmospheres. This independent certification provides peace of mind that SpaceVac’s solutions are not only innovative but also compliant with rigorous safety regulations.

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Explore our Ranges:

Effortlessly dust the most out-of-reach areas with SpaceVac’s carbon fiber cleaning systems, equipped with a wide range of poles, heads, and accessories to ensure comprehensive cleaning coverage.

With SpaceVac’s ATEX-certified kits, cleaning in combustible environments is safe and effective, making it possible to maintain cleanliness in explosive zones without compromising safety.

Cleaning gutters needn’t be risky anymore, utilizing the SpaceVac’s external system operators can vacuum out debris without setting foot on a ladder.

SpaceVac offers specialty kits tailored for museums, food production, and high-voltage areas, each designed to meet the unique cleaning requirements of these environments with precision and safety.

Join the Cleaning Revolution

Reach out to us to explore our range and book a discovery session. Let’s work together to achieve cleaner, safer spaces everywhere, even in the challenging areas. With SpaceVac, you’re choosing a partner that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and innovation, ensuring your cleaning tasks are completed to the highest standards.