No Touch Troubleshooting, Repair & Maintenance

No-Touch Cleaning- Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair Videos 


Kaivac Vacuum

Low Pressure Issue

Float Shut Off

Chemical Injection


Vac Motor Replacement

Replacing Switches 

Replacing the Kaivac’s Internal Pump

Kaivac 2150 Electric Box Replacement

1750 Chemical Valve Replacement

Kaivac No-Touch Black Box Replacement

Kaivac No-Touch Squeegee Head Replacement


Maintain Kaivac’s Pump

Kaivac Spray Gun Maintenance

Priming the Internal Pump

Kaivac No-Touch – Inspecting Wheels and Casters 

Kaivac No-Touch – Inspecting Squeegee Head 

Kaivac No-Touch -Inspect HEPA Filter

Kaivac No-Touch – Lubrication Components 

Vac Tank Cleanout