Universal System

The SpaceVac 50mm Universal High Level Cleaning System is designed for companies who want to use their SpaceVac in both internal and external areas, maximizing their return on investment. The system includes 50mm cleaning poles and a range of gutter cleaning tools and heads, as well as an adaptor and full range of 38mm brushes and tools for internal use. This provides a flexible cleaning solution that can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors

– No. of poles : 6.5

– Working height : meters

– Material: Carbon Fiber

– Length of enclosed poles: meters

– Pole Diameter: 50mm

– Pole length: 1.6 meter

– No. of Heads: 5

– No. of Brushes: 4

– No. of tools : 5

– Other inclusions: hose kit, 50mm hose (7.5 M), 50mm to 38mm hose to pole adaptor, 50mm hose to pole adapter, 50mm vac inlet cuff