SpaceVac Food Safe system

SpaceVac has launched a new range of cleaning poles and accessories designed for use in specialist food production facilities. The cleaning system is FDA-approved and specifically designed to prevent cross-contamination and maintain the integrity of the food chain. The system is capable of removing by-products and pests attracted by them from high-level areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. This unique solution is a game-changer for cleaning companies and facilities managers working in the food and drink industry.

– No. of poles : 5.5

– Working height : 12 meters

– Material: Carbon Weave: 12K Carbon Fiber

– Length of enclosed poles: 8 meters

– Pole Diameter: 50mm

– Pole length: 1.6 meter

– No. of Heads: 4 (conductive)

– No. of Brushes: 3

– No. of tools : 2

– Other inclusions: conductive hose (10M), conductive 38mm hose to pole adaptor, conductive
38mm hose to 50mm vac inlet cuff

Weight11 kg
Dimensions172 × 26 × 27 cm