Kaivac Omniflex Univac 240V cable

The Kaivac Univac is a powerful wet vacuum cleaner designed to quickly and efficiently remove soils and contaminants from multi-surface floors. It features a 10 gallon combined solution/recovery tank, a versatile vacuum wand with squeegee head, grout brush, and an easy flushing dump hose. It also has a variable flow spigot, an optional Lithium-Ion power pack for cordless operation, and an ergonomic speed spreader for faster and more effective cleaning.


– Water lift: 354.3 cm

– Pump pressure: 0.31 bar

– Solution tank capacity: 20.8 liters

– Recovery tank capacity: 20.8 liters

– Vacuum motor: 2-stage, 1.19 kW

– Chemical metering: Dual Chemical, adustable

Weight22 kg
Dimensions56 × 56 × 89 cm