Kaivac NoTouch 1750 cable

Kaivac 1750 is similar to the Kaivac 1250, but with some added benefits. It has a larger solution and recovery tank capacity, with a 17-gallon solution tank and a 20-gallon recovery tank. It also has a higher pump pressure of 1750 psi, which allows for more effective cleaning of stubborn dirt and grime. Additionally, the machine features a built-in pressure washer, which makes it easier to clean outdoor surfaces such as building exteriors and parking lots.

– Water lift: 365.76 cm

– Pump pressure: 34.5 bar

– Solution tank capacity: 56.78 liters

– Recovery tank capacity: 61.72 liters

– Vacuum motor: 3-stage, 1.49 kW

– Chemical metering: Dual Chemical, adustable

– Volts : 110 V – 60Hz (US); 100-240hz;50-60Hz (universal)

– Amps: 14.5 amp

– Electric cord : 50ft GFCI (15,2m)

Weight63 kg
Dimensions80 × 65 × 144 cm