Kaivac NoTouch 1250 cable

The Kaivac 1250 cable model is a commercial-grade cleaning machine that is designed for deep-cleaning floors, walls, and other surfaces in high-traffic areas. It features a high-pressure spray gun and a vacuum system that removes dirty water and solution. The machine has a 1250 psi pump, a 3-stage vacuum motor, a 10-gallon solution tank, and a 14-gallon recovery tank. It is easy to maneuver and ideal for continuous cleaning tasks without the need for battery recharging. The cable model is suitable for indoor cleaning tasks where there is easy access to power outlets. It is commonly used in facilities such as hospitals, schools, and offices.

– Water lift: 254 cm

– Pump pressure: 34.5 bar

– Solution tank capacity: 45 liters

– Recovery tank capacity: 40 liters

– Vacuum motor: 2-stage, 1.19 kW

– Chemical metering: Single Chemical, adustable

– Volts : 110 V – 60Hz (US); 100-240hz;50-60Hz (universal)

– Amps: 14.5 amp

– Electric cord : 25ft GFCI (7,6m)

Weight50 kg
Dimensions137 × 65 × 55 cm