Internal Ultra Kit

The SpaceVac Ultra is constructed from most durable cleaning poles, making it easy to manoeuvre and transport. This construction also offers superior durability – providing a longer life-span than other poles available on the market.

The Ultra also comes with a host of additional features and accessories – such as our powerful range of SpaceVac vacuum heads for the collection of dirt and debris, and our range of brushes for scrubbing and cleaning.

The Ultra is perfect for use in high level window cleaning, as well as a variety of industrial and commercial cleaning applications.

– No. of poles : 9.5

– Working height : 16 meters

– Material: Carbon Weave: 12K Full Carbon Fiber

– Length of enclosed poles: 15 meters

– Pole Diameter: 38mm

– Pole length: 1.6 meter

– No. of Heads: 4

– No. of Brushes: 5

– Other inclusions: hose kit, paddded bag, mesh bag

Weight11 kg
Dimensions172 × 26 × 27 cm