Internal Lite Kit

The SpaceVac Lite is a lightweight and easy-to-assemble high-level cleaning system designed for light use in domestic and light commercial settings. It features unique 38mm poles that can reach inaccessible areas up to 7m high from the ground floor, a range of versatile tools, and compatibility with existing vacuums. The system has a Safety Locking Mechanism to secure all poles, heads, and brushes in place, ensuring operator safety during use.


– No. of poles : 3

– Working height : 5 meters

– Material: Carbon Fiber Composite

– Length of enclosed poles: 3.7 meters

– Pole Diameter: 38mm

– Pole length: 1.25 meter

– No. of Heads: 1

– No. of Brushes: 2

– Other inclusions: simple slip bag

Weight7 kg
Dimensions132 × 26 × 11 cm