High Voltage Kit

SpaceVac has introduced a new High-Voltage safe range of cleaning poles and tools that are designed to be used in extreme high-voltage areas where regular SpaceVac use would be prohibited. These new SpaceVac poles and tools have been tested and certified to withstand voltages of up to 50,000V, making them ideal for use in areas such as trackside, underground, or near overhead powerlines.

– No. of poles : 6

– Working height :

– Material:

– Length of enclosed poles:

– Pole Diameter: 50mm

– Pole length: 1.4 meter

– No. of Heads: 4

– No. of Brushes: 4

– No. of tools : 1

– Other inclusions: hose (7.5M), 50mm hose to pole adaptor, 50mm to 38mm hose to pole adaptor
50mm hose to 50mm vac inlet cuff

Weight11 kg
Dimensions172 × 26 × 27 cm