ensure touch

EnSURE Touch is an innovative luminometer that enables customised food safety and sanitation programs. The instrument can collect, analyse and report multiple quality tests, including ATP, microorganisms and enzymes. EnSURE Touch features a responsive, shatterproof touchscreen design that provides easy access to all of Hygiena’s ATP monitoring system’s functionality and features. It allows quick tests, customised testing locations, grouping testing locations into plans, managing user access, viewing testing results and trend analysis, syncing data to SureTrend Cloud, calibration, retesting, testing and showing results for organisms and enzymes, and customising settings. EnSURE Touch is Wi-Fi capable, allowing secure syncing of results with cloud-based data analysis software without connecting via USB. It can run multiple tests for hygiene monitoring, environmental monitoring, finished product testing, pasteurisation and cooking proficiency.

– Sensitivity: 0.1 fmole of ATP

– Memory: 2GB internal + cloud storage

– Connectivity: USB or Wi-Fi

– Language: Supports multiple languages

– Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with USB-C charging*

Weight2 kg
Dimensions28 × 22 × 9 cm