MotorScrubber Storm ballistic virus killer has landed in Australia.

The Storm is a virus killing attachment which can be used for the existing MotorScrubber Jet which will convert your scrubbing machine through military grade connections into a sprayer within seconds. 

Much like a fogger, the Storm generates a fine mist from a disinfectant solution which is sprayed onto surfaces through a high speed nozzle which kills germs on contact.


The New Standard In Touch Point Disinfection.

Disinfect.Kill Viruses On The Go.

 STORM™ – Invented specifically for fast, targeted disinfection of common touch points in the fight against Coronavirus.
STORM wand with side button
STORM wand spraying on metal surface

Ballistic Performance.

At 68 micron, the built-in Ballistic, High Speed, Swirl Nozzle, allows STORM™ to effectively disinfect all frequently touched surfaces.

Targeted Disinfection.

STORM™ delivers a targeted liquid layer of disinfectant, for risk free virus control.


No Limitations.

Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology, STORM™ gives the freedom to safely disinfectant on the go, with no trailing cables to contend with.

MotorScrubber Storm backpack

Single Button System.

The single button, spray on demand feature, allows MotorScrubber STORM™ to quickly and easily apply disinfectant.

MotorScrubber worn by a person in X-ray view

Comfortable and Lightweight.

Battery Backpack is secured to the waist, removing the risk of back strain.

STORM wand being held in X-ray view

Fatigue Free Use.​

At just 0.3kg (0.66lbs), the STORM™ wand is lightweight designed for prolonged use.

Hand holding metal bar with bacteria

Are You Leaving Touch Points At Risk?

The reverse side of 3D touch points are often missed during disinfection, making this a high risk area.


Range & Specifications

STORM wand top view

MotorScrubber STORM™

Micron – 68

Coverage – 75 M2,/Litre (807ft2/Gal)

Flow – 149ml/Min (0.039Gal/Min)

Spray Distance – 30cm (12″)

Weight – 0.3kg (0.66lbs)

Wand Only – MSSTORM

Choose wand only option if you already own a MotorScrubber JET/JET3 backpack.

STORM wand with MotorScrubber backpack

MotorScrubber Storm Backpack

Solution Capacity – 1 Litre (34oz)

Flow – 77ml/min (2.7oz/min)

Charge Time – 4-8hrs

Runtime – 3hrs (1hr 30m continuous use)

Weight – Full 5.3kg (11.6lbs) Empty 4.5kg (9.9lbs)

Quick Change Battery

STORM™ with backpack – MSSTORMCOMP