Achieve Better Cleaning Results & Slip Resistance in Commercial Kitchens

Revolutionize your cleaning routine with Kaivac Univac!


Leave behind traditional mopping and discover a new level of cleanliness. Achieve spotless, dry floors with enhanced slip resistance. Its user-friendly design saves time and resources by eliminating the need for pre-sweeping.

The Univac is a compact “no-mop” cleaning machine designed for efficient tile floor cleaning. Its small size and maneuverability make it perfect for tight spaces with limited storage. This machine dispenses cleaning solution, agitates grout lines, and then vacuums away dirt and liquid, leaving floors clean and dry. It’s 60 times more effective than mopping and offers cordless operation for enhanced mobility and safety. Say goodbye to mops and the spread of contaminants—choose UniVac for faster, safer, and more thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Applications

Food Service Cleaning

Univac is the top pick for commercial kitchens and front of house areas. It efficiently eliminates grease and contaminants. This compact “no-mop” cleaning machine excels in tight spaces and limited storage areas, outperforming mopping by 60 times.

Bathroom Cleaning

Kaivac Univac’s efficient cleaning process removes dirt, grime, and contaminants, ensuring impeccably clean and dry bathroom floors, making it the preferred solution for superior cleanliness and hygiene in restroom environments.

Veterinary Clinics & More

This versatile unit can be used in veterinary clinics and beyond. It is designed to be used in facilities where storage can be an issue, but high standard of hygiene is a must! 


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Reduced Cleaning Times

By eliminating a pre-sweep makes the univac more than 30% faster than typical tools.

Increased Safety

Kaivac’s systems have been certified by NFSI to restore floor traction

Increased Hygiene

Proven to remove 60x more soils and contaminants than classic cleaning methods

Reduced Chemical Consumption

The Univac utilizes a 3 filter process to recycle the solution for cleaning more floors without needing to change the solution

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Best cleaning tool (Kaivac Univac) I have brought since I owned bakery for 28 years. Super easy to use, with less hard work than regular mopping.

Brad Stephens - Kaivac Univac

Heyfields Bakery

Image of Zanger Bangers Sausage logo

We recently bought a Kaivac Omniflex system for our retail butcher shop and it has been worth every penny. The system is the backbone of our Waste Water Management processes. It acts as our portable drain system and makes cleaning of our facility so much easier. The system is easily operated by one person providing huge cost and time savings. Its a hygienic alternative to mops which can easily harbor bacteria and other micro organisms. Thanks team Spillz for your responsiveness and effective advice.

Peter Zangure - Kaive Dispense & Vac

Zangers Bangers

Weight24 kg
(H x L X W) Shipping Size

89 x 56 x 56 cm
144 x 28 x 11 cm

(H x L X W) As Assembled97 x 56 x 51 cm
Tank Size37 L
Variable Flow SpigotYes
Method of DumpingDump Hose
Dump Hose66,04 cm long
Toilet DumpingYes
Vacuum Motor Lift (H2O)92″ (230 cm)
Vacuum Flow2548 l/min
Decibels (dB)75 dB @ 1m
Removable MotorYes
Hard rubber tires2x 12.7 cm
Casters4x 10 cm
AC cable SystemVolts (Universal)220-240V; 50Hz
AC cable SystemCurrent4.3 Amps
AC cable SystemVacuum power1000 W
Battery systemBattery chemistryLithium-ion
Battery systemVolts36V DC
Battery systemCurrent15 Amps
Battery SystemBattery Capacity16Ah
Battery systemRun Time60 Mins Aprox
Battery SystemCycle life~90% at 400 cycles
Aluminum Vacuum WandYes
14” Squeegee head brushYes
Ergo Speed SpreaderYes
Spreader pads included14
Vacuum HoseCrushproof & grease resistant
2.25m (Battery System)

5m (Cable system)