Kaivac UniVac

Kaivac’s Univac is a compact multipurpose hard floor cleaning system designed to remove soils using the same methods kaivac’s larger machines are known for. Although originally designed for food service facilities its applications are almost limitless.

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Weight24 kg
(H x L X W) Shipping Size89 x 56 x 56 cm
144 x 28 x 11 cm
(H x L X W) As Assembled97 x 56 x 51 cm
Tank Size37 L
Variable Flow SpigotYes
Method of DumpingDump Hose
Dump Hose66,04 cm long
Toilet DumpingYes
Vacuum Motor Lift (H2O)92″ (230 cm)
Vacuum Flow2548 l/min
Decibels (dB)75 dB @ 1m
Removable MotorYes
Hard rubber tires 2x 12.7 cm
Casters4x 10 cm
AC cable SystemVolts (Universal)220-240V; 50Hz
AC cable SystemCurrent4.3 Amps
AC cable SystemVacuum power1000 W
Battery systemBattery chemistryLithium-ion
Battery systemVolts36V DC
Battery systemCurrent15 Amps
Battery SystemBattery Capacity16Ah
Battery systemRun Time60 Mins Aprox
Battery SystemCycle life~90% at 400 cycles
Aluminum Vacuum Wand Yes
14” Squeegee head brush Yes
Ergo Speed Spreader Yes
Spreader pads included 14
Vacuum Hose crushproof & grease resistant 2.25m (Battery System) 5m (cable system)