NoTouch Cleaning

Touchless bathroom cleaning means improved hygiene for all.

Dealing with other peoples bodily fluids and grim is not an enviable task. Cleaning public toilets, cleaning public showers, and generally cleaning public toilet blocks is the least desirable job in the commercial/industrial cleaning industry.

Kaivac’s range of NoTouch machines were developed to make light work of cleaning the most challenging area in buildings, the public bathrooms. Developed with the cleaner in mind the systems are simple, hygienic and contactless meaning the cleaner doesn’t need to directly touch any surface in the bathroom.

Image of cleaning crew using the Kaivac NoTouch 2750

The NoTouch cleaning process:

Made up of 3 systems, and separate tanks, cleaners can Apply chemical to the surfaces to be cleaned, pressure rinse the vertical and elevated surfaces, and finally vacuum extract the dirt and grime from the floor leaving a hygienic and sanitary bathroom for the general public to use.

Image of a Urinal being applied with a cleaning solution using Kaivac

1 - Apply Cleaning Solution

Image of a urinal being pressure rinsed using Kaivac

2 - Pressure Rinse

Image of floor being dry vacuumed using Kaivac

3 - Vacuum Dry

What can NoTouch cleaning do for you?