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World's leading innovators in the cleaning industry

Kaivac cleaning systems are science-based cleaning equipment designed to tackle the unique challenges of commercial cleaning. From restaurants and healthcare facilities to schools and more. Kaivac integrates indoor pressure washers and powerful vacuum extraction to deep clean floors, walls, toilets, and other surfaces while reducing cleaning costs.

Kaivac have a commitment to developing products that remove the maximum amount of potentially harmful soils and bio-pollution. They then validate the level of cleanliness they provide with scientific measurement (ATP testing technology).

Whether you’re looking to improve the cleanliness of your restaurant, floors or public toilets, Kaivac’s easy-to-use and maintain cleaning machines are a great choice. 

Public Toilets

Kaivac was founded by the need to clean public amenities and remains the world’s leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment for this area.

Restaurant floor cleaning with Kaivac Univac

Commercial Kitchens

One of the hardest places in any building to clean, the kitchen floor is a place Kaivac systems thrive. The Univac loves cleaning up grease. 

Floor cleaning with the kaivac autovac stretch

Hard Floor care

Kaivac’s Autovac is a bullet proof walk-behind cleaning system that will provide years of simple and reliable floor cleaning productivity!

For years, cleaning toilets has been a grueling and dirty job that can bring down worker morale. But Kaivac cleaning systems came along to change all that. They saw the need for a safer, more dignified, and more efficient way of cleaning toilets, and they developed machines to make it happen.

The first machine Kaivac developed was the forerunner of the present-day No Touch machine. Kaivac’s cleaning machines were a huge hit in public toilets, so much so that customers quickly discovered they were more versatile than just for toilet cleaning. Kaivac continues to innovate, with a vision of creating all in one machines that use less chemical. This reduces costs, simplifies cleaning procedures and boosts productivity for every worker. 

Say goodbye to dirty toilets and low morale, and say hello to Kaivac.