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World leading innovators in the cleaning industry

Kaivac was founded by the need to make Public toilet cleaning more dignified, easier and more hygienic. Kaivac’s NoTouch machines form the back bone of what Kaivac is all about. Since being founded in 1997, Kaivac have won numerous awards for their systems which focus on solving the hardest challenge commercial and industrial facilities. 
Over 2 decades later Kaivac systems can be found in almost all areas of commercial and industrial buildings, cleaning public toilets, cleaning stairwells, cleaning carparks, cleaning kitchen floors, customer entrances, and many other areas.

Public Toilets

Kaivac was founded by the need to clean public amenities and remains the worlds leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment for this area.

Commercial Kitchens

One of the hardest places in any building to clean, the kitchen floor is a place kaivac systems thrive. The Univac loves cleaning up grease. 

Hard Floor care

Simple reliable floor cleaning. Kaivac’s Autovac is a bullet proof walkbehind cleaning system that will provide years or reliable productivity!