Kaivac All Floor:
The Ultimate Floor Cleaning Solution

The All-In-One Cleaning System For Both Hard Surfaces And Carpet

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Meet the Revolutionary Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine

Discover the innovative Kaivac All Floor cleaning system, a breakthrough in commercial floor cleaning technology. Designed to tackle vast areas of both hard flooring and carpet with ease, this all-in-one system simplifies your cleaning process and boosts productivity.

Discover why the All Floor is the ultimate solution to your facility's diverse cleaning needs:

  1. Versatility: Our Kaivac All Floor system masterfully cleans both hard floors and carpets, eliminating the need for multiple machines. Transition seamlessly from tile to textile with one powerful tool.

  2. Productivity: Cover more ground with less effort. The All Floor system is capable of cleaning up to 25,000 square feet per hour, making it significantly faster than traditional methods like mopping or smaller auto scrubbers.

  3. Ease of Use: Kaivac emphasizes simplicity in its design, ensuring that the All Floor system is easy to learn and operate, reducing training time and increasing user adoption.

  4. Cost and Space Savings: Maximize your resources. The consolidation of several cleaning functions into one machine not only frees up valuable space but also cuts down on overall equipment costs.

  5. Eco-Conscious Cleaning: Embrace sustainability without sacrificing effectiveness. Our innovative water-filter system captures even the finest dust, reducing the environmental impact by foregoing the need for disposable filters.

Get ready to transform your cleaning routine with the Kaivac All Floor™ Cleaning System – the smart, efficient, and eco-friendly choice for pristine floors.

Kaivac All Floor Cleaning System Features

Perfect for any of the following applications:

The Kaivac All Floor is a multifunctional floor cleaning machine ideal for any facility that has a mix of flooring types. If your facility has a mix of both hard surface flooring and carpeting and you are looking to make your cleaning process easier and simplified the All Floor can streamline your cleaning process

Hotels & Resorts

Retail Spaces

Schools & Universities

Convention Centres




And More

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