Aquatic Centres

Keeping Aquatic Centres Clean

It is critical to ensure that aquatic centres are clean and safe for all customers. This means ensuring that floors are free of water, change rooms and toilets are dry and clean, and the swimming pool itself is properly maintained. Keeping an aquatic centre clean has numerous benefits for both customers and facility owners alike.  

spacevac in aquatic centres

Ensuring Floors Remain Free of Water

One of the most important aspects of keeping an aquatic centre clean is making sure that floors remain free of water to prevent customers from slipping and falling. This requires regular maintenance cleaning throughout the day, typically a mop would be used to remove this water, however a wet vacuum is much more effective. A Kaivac battery Univac would be an ideal solution as it can deal with small and large puddles quickly and easily, but it also leaves the floor completely dry eliminating the slip hazzard entirely, even on non-slip or ridged tiles. 

Kaivac NoTouch 1750

Clean Change Rooms and Toilets

Another important aspect of keeping an aquatic centre clean is ensuring that change rooms and toilets remain dry and free from mould or odours which is the biggest reason customers don’t return. Regular cleaning with appropriate detergents and conventional tools can achieve a clean toilet block but often leave the area wet and humid air which can lead to mould growth. Utilizing cleaning equipment like the Kaivac NoTouch machine can drastically improve the hygiene of these spaces as soils, hair and organic matter are completely extracted and the surfaces are left clean and most importantly dry.  

spacevac in aquatic centres

Cleaning Ducting Above Swimming Pool

Probably the most challenging part of keeping an aquatic centre clean is making sure that ducting above the swimming pool is kept clean. This can be difficult since it requires climbing high ladders or scaffolding in order to reach the ducting, but it is essential for keeping air quality high, and keeping dust from landing within the pool area itself. A spacevac system can remove these challenges and keep the cleaner, or contract safely at ground level. Cleaning ducting should be done regularly, preferably once per month if possible, in order to prevent dust build-up which can affect air quality within the facility.

Keeping an aquatic centre clean is essential for providing a safe environment for all customers. Ensuring floors remain free of water, keeping change rooms and toilets dry and free from mould or odours, as well as regularly cleaning ducting above the swimming, all these tasks will help keep your aquatic centre looking its best while providing a safe environment for all customers who visit it.

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