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Hygiena Ensure Touch

EnSure Touch

The Ensure Touch is the most advanced rapid hygiene monitoring system on the market. Able to provide instant test results on a range of well proven Hygiena tests.

This latest iteration of Hygienas pocketable testing unit utilizes the intuitiveness of a Smartphone touch interface with modern technologies like WIFI and cloud syncronization. This provides instantaneous data availability for remote monitoring, or management review.

All tests and settings at your fingertips

The new Hygiena Ensure Touch is by far the most intuitive portable hygiene testing machine available on the market. But don’t let the smartphone style fool you. This unit is designed for industrial applications, so durability was at the heart of the design. The 5inch touch interface is shatterproof and all of our units come with a 360 degree protective rubberized case with shoulder straps.

hand holding Hygiena Ensure Touch

Hygiena ATP measurement technology evaluates the cleanliness of a surface and presents a relative numerical value representing the contamination present on a surface.

When used with Hygiena’s SureTrend Cloud tracking software, they provide a quick and simple way to track, trend, analyze, archive and report tests results over time.


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SureTrend Software

SureTrend Cloud is an easy-to-use data analysis software that comes free with every EnSURE™ Touch. SureTrend Cloud enables users to monitor, track, and trend testing results across multiple facilities, making risk management easier than ever.