Hygiena ATP Swabs

UltraSnap is our biggest seller from the Hygiena ATP swabs range, and generally well suited to most cleaning tasks.

The UltraSnap is a swab used to test hard surfaces, from stainless steel in manufacturing to timber school desks. When used with Hygiena’s testing devices it can show cleaning effectiveness almost instantaneously.


Hygiena’s ATP swabs are the perfect tools for maintaining cleanliness and safety in various industries. With easy-to-use designs and accurate results in seconds, these ATP swabs provide a cost-effective solution for ensuring hygiene standards. From food processing to cleaning validation to water testing, Hygiena’s swabs are the go-to choice for organizations that prioritize cleanliness and public safety.

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Surface ATP Test Swab

Hygiena’s Ultrasnap testing swabs offer a reliable and easy-to-use solution for measuring surface cleanliness. With a simple snap-and-shake design, these ATP swabs provide accurate results in seconds. The unique liquid-stable reagent provides superior accuracy, making them a cost-effective choice for maintaining hygiene standards.

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Liquid ATP Test Swabs​

Hygiena AquaSnap offers a reliable and portable solution for measuring water microbial contamination. The ATP swabs provide accurate results in seconds, allowing for immediate corrective action. AquaSnap is a cost-effective and easy-to-use tool for maintaining water quality and ensuring public safety, making it ideal for testing water cleanliness both locally and abroad.

Alternative Swab Tests

Although Spillz is predominantly cleaning focused we can supply the full range of Hygiena Snaps and test swabs to all markets at competitive prices. To learn about Hygiena’s other swabs, get in touch to discuss further.

A variety of Hygiena ATP Test Swabs