Why does cleaning have to be inspected on a subjective level? Hygiena’s ATP measurement tool gives you the power to truly know with a numerical value, how effective your cleaning job has been completed.

ATP systems can evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning materials and chemicals, measure the performance of environmental services staff, and ensure compliance with standardised cleaning protocols. Hygiena’s system verifies that the optimal levels of cleanliness are met.

Cleaning, Sanitation & Chemical

Want to take your cleaning and sanitation game to the next level? Look no further than Hygiena! As a trusted brand in the industry, Hygiena offers cutting-edge solutions for cleaning validation and sanitation monitoring across various industries, including food safety and healthcare.

With their advanced ATP cleaning verification systems and a wide range of diagnostic tools, Hygiena enables cleaning professionals to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality in their products and services. In addition to monitoring cleaning validation, Hygiena’s innovative solutions also ensure that chemical and cleaning machines meet the required standard of cleanliness. Count on Hygiena to ensure your cleaning, sanitation, and chemical operations running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

How does it work?

ATP testing is a way of measuring the amount of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) on a surface. ATP is a molecule that is present in all living cells, including those of animals, plants, bacteria, yeast, viruses, and molds. By measuring the amount of ATP on a surface, we can determine how clean that surface is.

The ATP luminometer works by using a chemical reaction to produce light from the ATP on the surface being tested. The amount of light produced is directly proportional to the amount of ATP present on the surface. The device then calculates a numerical value in just seconds, which is a measure of the amount of microbial contamination on the surface.

Hygiena ATP testing is commonly used in healthcare and food processing industries to ensure that surfaces have been properly sanitized. This allows cleaning professionals to quickly determine how clean a surface is and take appropriate action if necessary.

ATP Luminometer being used in a public bathroom

Complete Measurement program


Hygiena’s range of testing devices is trusted by manufacturers and facilities across numerous industries in Australia and worldwide to monitor sanitation and hygiene.

Test Swabs

Hygiena snaps are an all-in-one ATP swab test used with Hygiena luminometers that are easy to use, compact, and eco-friendly.

Screen showing the SureTrend system for cleaning and hygiene validation

Monitoring Software

SureTrend is an easy-to-use software application that enables hygiene to be monitored whenever and wherever.