Advanced Cleaning Solutions for Food Service: Elevate Hygiene and Safety

Overcome Grease, Maintain Spotless Floors, and Excel in Food Safety Audits with Effective Cleaning Strategies

Ensuring a spotless, safe, and hygienic kitchen is essential for any food service operation. At Spillz, we provide specialized cleaning solutions tailored to the unique challenges of the food industry, helping you meet stringent food safety standards and pass audits with confidence.

The Kaivac Univac is a standout in our lineup, specifically designed to combat the common problem of greasy floors in commercial kitchens. This robust floor cleaning system not only applies a cleaning solution but also scrubs and vacuums up the dirty solution in one go, leaving floors spotlessly clean and dry. By removing grease effectively, the Univac reduces slip hazards, making your kitchen safer for staff and compliant with health regulations.

Dust and debris in high areas can compromise food safety, which is where the SpaceVac high-level cleaning system comes into play. This innovative system allows for the safe and efficient cleaning of ceilings, vents, and other hard-to-reach areas, ensuring that no area of your kitchen harbors potential contaminants.

Steam Sanitation: Elevating Hygiene in Commercial Kitchens

Our steam cleaning systems are particularly effective for maintaining stainless steel areas around grills and other cooking equipment. Steam cleaning not only removes grease and food residues but also sanitizes surfaces, killing bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals. This method is excellent for kitchens looking to maintain high hygiene standards and ensure surfaces are clean to a molecular level.

Ensuring Surface Cleanliness

To further enhance your cleaning regimen, ATP hygiene testing allows for immediate, science-based feedback on the cleanliness of surfaces. This testing helps verify that all areas, especially those that come into contact with food, are free from organic residues and potential pathogens, essential for passing rigorous food safety audits.

How Spillz Supports Your Food Service Business

Spillz is dedicated to elevating the standards of cleanliness in the food service industry through:

Customized Cleaning Protocols:
Tailored specifically to the needs of your kitchen, our protocols help you maintain consistent cleanliness.

Comprehensive Training and Support:
We ensure your team is proficient in using our cleaning systems, focusing on safety and effectiveness.

Reliable Maintenance and Service:
Regular maintenance of your cleaning equipment ensures it operates efficiently and continues to meet your needs.

Time to Upgrade?

If you’re looking to upgrade your cleaning practices and breeze through health inspections, reach out to us at 1800774559. Let’s make your kitchen a showcase of cleanliness and safety.