Revolutionary Aoting Bot Waterless Cleaning Robots

Advanced Eco-Friendly Solutions to Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Revolutionize Your Cleaning with Aoting Bot Waterless Cleaning Robots

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency and sustainability are at the forefront of commercial cleaning challenges. Embrace the future of cleaning with Aoting Bot’s robotic waterless cleaning machines, designed to elevate efficiency and safety in commercial environments. Our cutting-edge technology ensures a deep clean without the hassle and risks associated with traditional water-based methods.

Innovative Technology for Unmatched Cleanliness

Autonomous Navigation: High-precision SLAM algorithms for accurate, comprehensive coverage.

Efficient Cleaning: Combines wiping, sweeping, and vacuuming for a thorough clean.

Smart Operations: Features like automatic charging and scheduled cleaning tasks for hassle-free maintenance.

Why Go Waterless?

  1. Safety First: Eliminate slip hazards with a waterless system that leaves floors dry and safe.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Conserve water and reduce waste, aligning with sustainable business practices.
  3. Versatile Cleaning: Perfect for a variety of floor types, including carpet, wood, stone, marble, and more.
  4. Faster then scrubbers: Going waterless speeds up the cleaning process.

Meet the Waterless Robot Range:

Aoting Bot SW55: The Ultimate Solution for Small to Medium Spaces​

The SW55 model is a game-changer for commercial and industrial environments, offering comprehensive cleaning capabilities without manual intervention. Ideal for spaces like shopping malls, hotels, and factories, the SW55 combines wiping, sweeping, and vacuuming in a single, efficient robot.

Robot Size610x550x610mm, 60kg
Charging Post Size430x335x420mm
Trash Bin Capacity2.5L
Dustbag Capacity2L
Cleaning EfficiencyUp to 1600m2/h
Battery Capacity50AH lithium battery
Endurance Time2.5-4.5h
Maximum Power1000w
Propelling Motor2 x 150w
Main Brush Motor300w
Propel Speed0-3.6km/h
Operating Noise Volume<62dB(A)
Suction Motor220W

Aoting Bot SW80A: Redefining Cleaning for Large Spaces

For larger venues requiring robust cleaning power, the SW80A model stands out. Its enhanced capacity and efficiency make it perfect for extensive areas such as transportation hubs and large factories. The SW80A ensures a thorough clean, reaching every corner with ease.

Robot Size1020x847x915mm, 150kg
Charging Post Size456x351x414mm
Trash Bin Capacity5L
Dustbag Capacity5L
Cleaning EfficiencyUp to 2300m2/h
Battery Capacity100AH lithium battery
Endurance Time5-8h
Maximum Power1700w
Propelling Motor2 x 200w
Main Brush Motor560w
Propel Speed0-3.6km/h
Operating Noise Volume<63dB(A)
Suction Motor600W

Perfect for a range of floors:


Epoxy Resin






And More

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Join the Cleaning Revolution

Aoting Bot waterless cleaning robots are not just tools; they’re part of a movement towards smarter, more sustainable cleaning practices. By choosing Aoting Bot, you’re not only investing in top-tier cleaning technology but also in a cleaner, safer future.