Animal Care Facilities

Maintaining a hygienic and safe environment is essential for the health of animals in animal care facilities. From kennels and doggy day care, zoos and vet clinics, proper hygiene measures must be taken to ensure that cross contamination is kept to a minimum. Let’s dive into the importance of hygiene in pet care facilities and how to maintain it.

Why Is Hygiene Important in Animal Care Facilities?

Hygiene is important for animals because it helps prevent the spread of disease from one pet to another, as well as from humans to pets. Poor hygiene can lead to a range of illnesses, such as respiratory infections, skin diseases, parasites, and even more serious conditions like heartworm or Lyme disease. Additionally, poor hygiene can lead to an unpleasant smell in the facility which could put off potential customers.

General Cleaning

The most important step that pet care facilities can take is regularly cleaning all surfaces with disinfectants designed specifically for animal care areas. Faeces and urine should be cleaned up immediately as it can be redistributed easily into other areas – this will help prevent bacteria from spreading throughout the different areas. Kaivac’s range of NoTouch cleaning machines are designed to tackle these accidents and more by using fluid extraction, floors and walls can be left hygienically clean. Vacuuming should also be done regularly with industrial vacuums that are designed for use in animal care areas. Carpets should also be deep cleaned regularly using a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer, Kaivac’s NoTouch cleaning machine can be accessorized with an upholstery or carpet extraction wand specifically for this task.

Fresh Air

Ventilation is also a critical aspect of a buildings hygiene. Ducting can easily transport unwanted airborn contaminants throughout a facility. Air-conditioning filters should be changed regularly as per manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition to the filters, vents and the internal ducting should be maintained. Spacevac systems can make light work of cleaning these areas and other out of reach zones by allowing operators to reach high up while staying safely on the ground.

Kaivac NoTouch

Hygiene Testing

Vetrenary clinics and animal hospitals could benefit from performing regular hygiene inspections. There are a range of tools available to do this from simple allergen tests, to swab and send lab results. Hygiena’s ATP testing system provides the best of both, able to perform allergen tests with numerical values to monitor improving or diminishing hygiene standards with instant results. These types of tests allow for peace of mind that surgeries are performed under the highest hygiene standards.
Maintaining hygienic environments is essential for animal care facilities. Cross contamination needs to be kept at a minimum in order to ensure healthy animals, both physically and emotionally. By taking regular steps such as extracting unwanted material with the correct equipment, pet owners can rest assured that their beloved furry friends will remain healthy and happy even when away from home!

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