We carry award-winning brands that have revolutionized the cleaning industry.

Our wide range of industrial cleaning equipment are designed to make cleaning time faster, easier and more effective.

Time Saving

We seek to supply equipment which reduces cleaning times for specific cleaning tasks.

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Safer Systems

Employee’s safety is paramount when using new equipment! 

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More Effective

Our equipment creates a better cleaning results with less effort.

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Door Openers

Innovation promotes growth and builds business.


To supply equipment that solves the toughest cleaning challenges!

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Our Professional Cleaning Solutions

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Greasy environments are no longer a challenge with the correct tools. Removing the liabilities involved with the slippery floors, and increasing the hygiene of the space.

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A girl holding Kaivac NoTouch 1750 in cleaning comfort rooms

Bathrooms & Restrooms

Our products can make cleaning public toilets considerably more productive and effective than any conventional method.


Cleaning at height is hard and can be expensive. SpaceVac systems enable you to clean faster safer and higher than ever before.