We carry award-winning brands that have revolutionized the cleaning industry.

Our wide range of commercial cleaning equipment are designed to make cleaning time faster, easier and more effective.

Hygienic cleaning is the first line of defense against Covid-19 and other infectious diseases!

We have a range of solutions to help tackle the spread of Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. From science-based cleaning systems that are proven to remove germs and other bio-contaminants, to cleaning validation tools to ensure the surface is no longer home to germs.

Our Professional

Cleaning Solutions


Greasy environments are no longer a challenge with the correct tools. Removing the liabilities involved with the slippery floors, and increasing the hygiene of the space.

Bathrooms & Restrooms

Our products can make cleaning public toilets considerably more productive and effective than any conventional method.


Cleaning at height is hard and can be expensive, SpaceVac systems enable you to clean faster safer and higher than ever before.

What our customers say

We recently purchased a Kaivac for our end of lease property cleaning business. The system used with the machine has halved work times and increased the standard of our work. In my opinion, the Kaivac is a necessary tool for fast and effective cleaning and the support from Scott and Philippa in its use and demonstration have proved invaluable to my business. I would highly recommend the Kaivac and the team from Spillz.
Kaleb Telcher
Acumen Property Cleaners
At Bossong Engineering we have been using the Omniflex autovac for multiple years now. We needed something that would effectively clean our shared floor spaces due to our harsh industrial environment with metal dust, metal shavings, oily boots and general dirt consistently coming into the tiled areas. The Omniflex autovac has exceeded all expectations for us and we look forward to working closely with Scott and the team in the near future.

Kaivac develops science-based cleaning systems that protect the health of building occupants while also raising the value of cleaning operations.

Kaivac’s NoTouch range clean restrooms by using automated chemical application, a fresh water rinse, and vacuum extraction. The OmniFlex range is a lego like system which can be customized to suit cleaning needs of a building on a day to day basis. There is a Kaivac system to suit any facility, from Kennels to warehouses and offices.

Our SpaceVac cleaning systems are a revolution in high level cleaning. They give operators a safe and easy way to clean high-level areas from the ground floor. Consequently there’s no need for scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers.

SpaceVac offers an innovative range of systems for high cleaning of internal, external and ATEX and food production areas with a wide range of tools, poles and accessories.

Hygiena is the world leader in ATP measurement technology. Their systems deliver instant results to validate the cleanliness of any surface and liquid. The results can be tracked and logged to ensure standards are maintained.

For Restoration, cleaning and sanitation professionals, demonstrating the effectiveness of products and/or service is a crucial step in providing peace of mind for customers and clients.